Our Web-based Creation Tool

We know you may be used to the free-reign of BookWright, plugins, and PDF uploads.

Our online tool may feel a bit restrictive, but its simple design tools helps you create a professional, high-quality product.

Key Features & Functionality

This tool does the same thing as all the rest - you can upload, you can customize your text, and you can add photos to your page layouts. One thing to note: while many components of your project can be customized within the tool, once you begin a project you cannot change the format or size without starting over.

Photo Upload
Easily upload from your computer with drag and drop, or upload to a gallery for use in multiple projects.
Cover Customization
Pre-built layouts make this a quick step to add your photo(s) and text. Additionally you can change the cover color.
Pages & Spreads
With one page and full spread templated layouts, you can choose to spend a lot of time here customizing the look and feel, or you can opt to autofill the pages and edit from there.
Text Options
All text boxes are locked in place to the template, but we do enable font customizations including style, alignment, size, and more.
Frame Options
Frame colors can be adjusted within the tool.
Matte Options
For Gallery Framed Prints, pre-built matte sizes are available.
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